About Me

I am…
The Shakespeare of my sonnets,
The DaVinci of my art…
A girl who likes to follow
And listen to her heart.

I am…
A little grain of sand
Lost on the shores of time,
The word that ends each sentence,
Because I like to rhyme.

I am…
A friend to all who need me
And to none a foe.
I am like Juliet
Without her Romeo. :p

I am…
The Tom Sawyer of my pranks
-and there! I have confessed-
The bookworm in the library
‘Cuz books are just the best!

I am…
A child of December
But I’m not cold at heart.
A friend to little Cupid
Who’s knows for his love dart.

I am…
A best-friend and a sister
To those I dearly love.
And an ardent follower,
Of Him who reigns above.

I am…
The one who wrote this poem
So you may know me too.
The girl who wants God’s blessings
To fully rain on you!



7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Sis,

    A very witty description of yourself. I almost forgot what a gifted writer you are. Keep it up to glorify the soon coming King and to give Him honor for what He’s done for you!
    Much love to you.



  2. Anca!! i love your blog.. i had to check it out:) lol anyway God has really blessed you with the ablity to write so well:) God bless you always:))


  3. You are very talented, and I enjoy reading your work. There is one thing I caught in paragraph 2, 3rd sentence – “The word the ends each sentence”… I believe it should be “The word that ends each sentence.” Very beautiful, please keep up the good work Anca!


  4. Anca, I’m glad you included a photo as we should be able to see who this lovely writer is. Your charm and whit really shine in this one! ~ Mom


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