Just a penny.. 

Words are a currency people have forgotten have value. Most people tend to think of words as worthless pennies… yet they are still pennies none the less! Every single fortune can be broken down into pennies. Every conversation can be broken down into words. We tend to forget where we place pennies, we donate them, leave them at the bottom of our purse, vacuum them, throw them in water fountains, drop them randomly on a store floor not bothering to pick them up because “it’s only a penny.” In our lifetime, how many pennies have we lost? How many words have we spoken that we’ve placed no value on? How much value has others placed on our words? Here’s a often forgotten perspective: ” A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” -Proverbs 25:11 
How much value would you place on an apple of gold?  


How many of us are throwing our golden apples away? Or forgetting where we placed them or to whom we gave them? Would you be so careless if you had a fortune at your disposal? I’m sure you wouldn’t be quite so forgetful if the value of the words came out when we spoke rather than the words themselves.  
People say that money is power: well, guess what? Words are power! Words can make or break a person. They can bring such joy or agonising sorrow. They can fill you with hope or take away any spark that may remain.  
I was told the story of a man once with strong suicidal tendencies. He would come and talk to this pastor about his will to take his own life and the pastor would talk him down from the ledge. One day, the man came, telling the pastor the same story, his heart and soul begging for help. The pastor was getting weary of this poor man’s story having heard it again and again. The only escape the man could think of from his tormenting inner demons was at the end of a barrel. This day started like any other meeting had started; the hopeless man promising that he was gonna do it, same words he had used before. There was only one difference this time, the pastor in his exasperation and impatience, spoke rashly throwing his loveless words at the broken man, “you keep promising to do it, so why don’t you just do it already?!” The man went away, completely hopeless. Shortly after, a message reached the pastor. That tortured soul finally took the pastor’s advice; he silenced his earthly demons by pulling the trigger. That pastor, overwhelmed by guilt, grief, and sorrow never realised before as he did in that moment the value of his words! His words had the power to push a man off the ledge.  
Oh, the value of the words we use!!! Words can breathe life into a troubled soul. They can give hope when the black clouds of life threaten us. They can silence the demons’ voices which try to tear us down. A word spoken at the right time has the beautiful setting of a silver picture. The “when” is almost as valuable as the “what” and “how”! 
Our words show to others the value that we’ve placed on our selves: a reflection of our character. If our closest friends and relatives had to choose three words to describe our conversation, what would those words be? Loving, kind, graceful, excessive, proud, cheap, beautiful, vulgar, thoughtless, hateful, wise, gentle… the list is never ending! Which of these three belong to you? Those same three words shall be used to describe your character. Be careful.
“Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.” -Colossians 4:6 “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” -Ephesians 4:29 

Oh, how stunningly beautiful words full of grace can be! Are we prepared to edify those around us when we open our mouths and share our thoughts?
Our Saviour Himself was not idly called “the Word”. His message had a power like no other! His words brought life to a dead generation and every generation thereafter.      
 “In the beginning was the Word…” the Word spoke us into existence, creating life out of nothing! That same Word calmed the storm, raised Lazarus from the dead, was nailed to a cross and was raised again on the 3rd day. He lives forever in our hearts! Just an example that the words we say will live forever in the hearer’s hearts. Words change lives!!! 
Never forget that three simple words uttered by the Lamb changed the course of history forever, “It is finished.” 

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