Lioness -Born Free!

A stirring was in the cold, December air. A word was whispered from ear to ear and town to town. Revolution. A lion fighting his cage of oppression. The whisper grew louder… louder….   The lion became fiercer as he continued to beat against the bars separating him from freedom. Louder…. REVOLUTION! He broke forth triumphantly! Village after village, town after town, and city after city picked up the battle cry of freedom! No longer!


Fear died and courage was born!


Yet courage was not the only thing born that night, for far across the chill swept country, a baby girl drew her first breath. Little did she know, as she added her own cry of victory into the December night, about the lion that had just escaped his cage.


A dark haired, dark eyed girl with a penchant for mischief. The firstborn to a young couple who were just a few months away from their 1st wedding anniversary.


Christmas was around the corner. As the lion ran rampant through the streets, the citizens of this country lined up behind him. Shouts of excitement and impending victory were in the air.   Soon the shots that would bring that victory will be heard across the country. Christmas Day brought about the gift of a new era.


Perhaps there was no tree that Christmas. No beautifully wrapped presents beneath it, but that baby girl received a gift worth far more than those you can wrap in a box. She received the gift of a free future! A future in which she could be anything she wanted to be.


Beautiful beginnings do not always guarantee a beautiful ending.   I wish I could tell you that she grew up in a loving home where she was adored and well loved yet that was not her story.   The honeymoon had ended long ago for the newlyweds. The spark had died and all that remained was a mutual last name and a baby.

To be continued…. 

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