A Warrior and Her Sword 

The cross is the greatest weapon in a Christian’s arsenal! ! 
A powerful weapon: Jesus’ death was brought about through the cross.. His holy, cleansing blood covered the cross.. the old man inside each of us is slain through the cross.. the cross is the symbol of all things old which have passed away and the beginning of all things new.. and -ultimately!- the empty cross is the sign of His resurrection!  
May we, as the warriors of Christ, not be ashamed to bear our sword! May we keep it sharp and use it often. May we never lose ground to the enemy! May we stand our ground.. and anchor ourselves with it. May we ever use the power of it’s love and forgiveness to gain others for Christ that His army of spiritual warriors should ever increase. Like a sword in the stone, it will cut through the hardest of hearts and draw us to our knees.  
We can wield a weapon of unimaginable power against the enemy yet so many Christians see it as more of a symbol than as a deadly weapon.  
In a battle, would you ever walk out into the fray without your weapon? Would you step on the battlefield before checking if your sword is sharp? When things seem to be at peace and to prosper, it is not because the battle is over. That is when we should be most worried! When blows are being thrown at us, we know where the enemy stands. We should start to worry when the peace and quiet remain so for too long. That is when the enemy creeps in and masquerades as one of us, that is when prosperity lulls us into a false sense of security, that is when our swords are getting dull!! When the battle begins again,  we are too fat, sleepy, and powerless to defend ourselves! Keep your sword sharp!! Bear your cross with you always that you be not deceived. Use it’s often and never forget its power!  

Without the cross, we are powerless. Let us bear our cross -our sword!- so that we may not be defenceless when the enemy attacks. 
Inspired by Lisa Bevere author of Girls “Girls With Swords”

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