Once Upon a …

Oh the joys of traveling!

Of stepping on foreign shores with only four digits before the period in my banking account.

Of forging new memories among the indigenous people living under a tropical sun.

Of getting burned to a crisp under the cruel Australian sun as I naively offer myself up to the merciless sky who was stripped of its ozone cloak and made to reign naked above a population clad in itsy bitsy polka dot bikitsy… wait, something doesn’t sound right.  hmm…. shall have to get back to you on this.

Of exploring the world while seeing it half through my own chocolate-colored eyes, half through the eye of my Cannon, and half through the delightfully delicious words written in my lovely leather notebook with a bewitching fountain pen…  hey, I’m an adventuress, not a mathematician!

Of getting distracted halfway through a project because a beautiful mountain, wave, bird, surfer, coffee, tree, cloud, mounta….

“Look, a butterfly!”

Where’s my camera?!





Originally published on Feb 1, 2016 somewhere in Australia on a day so hot that Hades almost moved the Underworld to the DownUnder.

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